Building a mentally healthy and resilient society

It is vital that everyone has the opportunity to live a healthy, meaningful and successful life regardless of obstacles that get in the way; this includes mental health issues.

At some point in our life it will be likely that we or someone we care about will experience some form of mental health issue; 1 in 4 adults (18+) and 1 in 6 (aged 5-16 year olds were identified as having a probable mental health problem 75% of suicides are male and it is the most common cause of death in 10 – 19 year olds.

As communities we need to continue to evolve so that individuals can begin to feel heard, understood, accepted and supported which will create a more inclusive and empathetic society.

In this ever changing world, it is important that we nurture new and existing relationships which help support individual growth and help build resilience. Everyone needs to have a purpose, and hope is the key.  The aim with our provision is to plant the seeds of hope by educating; building knowledge, confidence and understanding to support those in crisis or in need.

It is imperative that we all develop a meaningful understanding of our own mental health; living healthy behaviours and being aware of and avoiding those less helpful behaviours that impede personal growth. This in turn will make us a more resilient and self reflective society.

Services We Offer

Information, Support and Guidance

Educational Training/Up-skill

Therapeutic Support

Vision and Purpose

Our vision is to break down barriers, relieve stigma’s and to encourage and empower people to understand their own mental health and in others, in order to lead a healthy and successful life.

Our purpose is to give individuals the tools to understand their own mental health and to spot the signs when others are struggling with theirs.

We want to break down barriers and misconceptions within society that make us believe that it’s not ok to say when your struggling.

We want to provide an open and honest platform for people to discuss mental health without worrying about stigma or judgement and to support and guide those who need it most.

“Since I have been researching and learning more about things and meeting people in similar situations along the way, it has helped me and ultimately helped them too. It isn’t good to feel alone because that feeling is terrifying.”


“I joined the gym, started to socialise with friends and slowly found the love of things I’d lost for many years, the spark had come back and I was starting to enjoy life again.”


“Prioritising mental health and realising the importance of education and awareness is crucial.”

Registered mental health nurse

“As a male there’s always been a stigma attached to depression and anxiety. Living with it and masking it is difficult but admitting it was the hardest thing for me.”


“It is amazing to witness the power that communication holds. I also find writing things down at the end of the day a good way of detoxing my mind, it is still ‘getting it out’, even if I am only sharing it with myself.”


“Throughout all of this I have come to understand Mental Health is as important as Physical Health. It really is important to get help when needed. Unfortunately at school we didn’t talk about our mental health let alone learn about it. Times are changing and there is great help out there today. As the saying goes “its ok not to be ok”.


“It didn’t just affect me it also affected my husband as I was always snapping at him, I seemed to struggle with dealing with normal levels of stress, my baby also would settle more when my husband was around.”


“The first one was a complete mental breakdown at 40 that left me unable to get out of bed, make a decision or go outside. I was diagnosed with depression brought on but acute stress. One morning I just felt like everything in my head went black, no emotions or feelings, just dead.”


“Throughout this period in my life I became a very anxious person as I felt like the days and weeks to come were so unpredictable. My mind could never settle, I didn’t like to leave the house without my mum and when my mum left the house I was always so worried that she wouldn’t come home.”