Having good mental health is something we are all entitled to have.

Looking after your mind is as important as looking after your body. One cannot be healthy without the other.

B Mindful offers a range of workshops and sessions to suit the needs of your business, employees and learners. These sessions will raise awareness of mental health in society/everyday contexts and the promotion of self awareness and wellbeing.

We offer Mental Health First Aid sessions for the individual, group, cohort or team. Our workshops will enable individuals to become aware of their own mental health and to develop skills which will support and promote good mental health and wellbeing in the workplace and within everyday life.

B Mindful has a passion to educate individuals about mental health and promote new healthy behaviours and thought processes that will empower individuals to lead a healthier and mindful life. We have a goal to breakdown barriers and challenge stigmas that surround mental health.

We have a small team of highly qualified and well experienced individuals that each share the same core values, who have first hand experience in dealing with mental health (in professional and personal contexts).

What To Expect From Us

Those who attend the sessions or workshops will receive exceptional quality training which is thought provoking and will provide individuals with the confidence and skills to deal with mental health issues that affect everyday life (workplace, family life etc).

We will provide you and your employees/learners with the knowledge and understanding of mental health issues and how to spot the signs of poor mental health. Together we will action plan how to support individuals struggling with mental health issues.

We do this by offering members of your workforce and educational setting an opportunity to learn about, understand and discuss mental health issues. This in turn this creates an environment where barriers can be broken, individuals feel more comfortable in discussing issues that they are experiencing and therefore more likely to seek help.

Our sessions will educate and empower individuals to challenge stigmas attached to speaking out about mental health which in turn creates a more healthier and productive workplace for all.

These sessions are developmental and enable an individuals growth as well as adding core value to your community.